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Custom RNA Synthesis


RNA is one of the most versatile molecules in functions and structures. Our proprietary technology enables the synthesis of 2’-Fluoro modified long RNAs (60-400 NTs) of high purity (OD260 /OD280 > 1.9) that are otherwise challenging to make using solid-phase synthesis. 

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$1.2/µg for small orders (minimum of 300 µg)

$1.0/µg for large orders (> 5 mg)


Bulk order (> 1g): negotiable

​​New sequence setup fee: $150

(Repeated orders of the same sequence, no setup fee)

​​Turnaround time: 

~1 week (< 1 mg scale)

~2 weeks (1-5 mg scale)

Quality: OD260/OD280 > 1.9

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